About NCCC


The mission of Northern California Children’s Chorus is to nurture the human spirit of all children through a choral music program that provides excellent training in vocal technique and musicianship skills, teaches repertoire from diverse cultural and historical periods, and provides a variety of performance opportunities in local, national and international venues.

Why we are so passionate about our mission.

Research shows that children who are involved with music are more successful in school, have strong self-esteem, and exhibit self-confidence. The evidence points to better test scores for children and youth that are singing or playing instruments, than those who do not participate in the art of music.

Dr. David Sousa, in his book, How the Brain Learns states, “Success in the arts is often a bridge to successful learning in other areas, thereby raising a student’s self-concept”. Experience shows that being involved in a positive, challenging, and supportive environment such as the NCCC, assists the shy child to step forward and become more confident and assertive and the aggressive  child how to be supportive and encouraging of their singing friends.

What does NCCC offer my child?

  • Each rehearsal and class provides instruction in singing skills (vocal technique) that is age appropriate.
  • We offer performance opportunities throughout the year. There are two NCCC concerts, one at the holiday time and one in the Spring. In addition, we are asked to sing in the community at various events. Go to the performance page of this website for details of the concerts for the current season,
  • Music theory instruction, ear training and sight-reading skills are taught in each rehearsal.
  •  Repertoire is selected from a variety of styles (classical, pop, Broadway, sacred, jazz, and contemporary) to foster a well-rounded music education.
  • While all of our choirs perform in local venues, our Concert Choir has performed in regional venues, and is looking to touring very soon within the United States.
  • For more detailed information, visit our Choirs page.