Looking around the audience from where we were seated in Christ Community Church’s roomy sanctuary, there were many bright and smiling faces I recognized from the Carmichael neighborhood and greater Sacramento area.  My friend and I were excited, along with proud parents, relatives, neighbors and friends, to experience the Northern California Children’s Chorus (NCCC).  Artistic Director, Judy Britts, cheerfully encouraged us to settle in with a warmhearted welcome, along with some history and information about NCCC.

The Bel Canto choir lined up center aisle and began an antiphonal procession singing John Rutter’s “Personent Hodie” from Dancing Day. These surprisingly mature voices, singing in Latin, had unison moments that sounded as one voice — not an easy feat with multiple chorus members walking toward the stage without missing a note or step. Read the full review

JR Keith, Sacramento Choral Calendar, Reviewing NCCC Winter 2017 Concert Wishing You Memories

Have you ever thought of the extraordinary benefits that children gain by singing in a choir? I know I didn’t, until recently, when I realized what my 12-year-old daughter can do after a few years of singing in Northern California Children’s Chorus (NCCC).  Here’s just a few of many valuable skills that choir teaches kids: 1. Understanding and knowing that their voice matters – they don’t assume someone will take care of things for them 2. Teamwork – choir is a teamwork. There are positions and roles people train for and each skill set contributes to the overall success of their collective performance 3. Focus on your part of the project (success) – they trust their leader, artistic director, and their teammates for doing their parts while focusing on their own work. And they deliver results! 4. Discipline and hard work – just as any large team effort, they work long and hard without seeing real results at the beginning, focusing on process and diligently refining their own piece 5. Being (and performing) in front of large audiences – my daughter recently picked up the mic from the DJ at a large family event (a couple of hundred people) and addressed everyone in the most genuine and authentic way. I was blown away 🙂

David Sahakyan, Parent of Bel Canto singer

We joined NCCC to develop my daughters’ natural proclivity to sing. We love that they are learning to develop their talent in a way that fosters good habits and skill, teamwork, discipline and intellect through music theory, all while having fun doing something they naturally love to do.

Ashlee Titus, Parent of Bel Canto singer

My daughter Ariya loves singing with NCCC!  NCCC fills a need for students like my daughter that are precocious musically, but the schools don’t necessarily have ensembles to accommodate them.  She has learned not only how to sing in an ensemble, but had the opportunity to make friends with similar interests, and furthered her knowledge of music theory and solfege. Ariya looks forward to rehearsing each week with Mrs.Britts and her friends and enjoys the variety of repertoire that Mrs.Britts teaches.

Leah Murthy, Parent of Primo Voce singer
Track 14 // Imagination
  1. Track 14 // Imagination
  2. Track9 // Imagination
  3. Track 6 // Imagination
  4. Hey Nonny No // Imagination
  5. Pure Imagination // Imagination