Northern California Children’s Chorus is a performance based music education program for children ranging in ages from 7 – 18 years of age.

The Choirs are different levels based on age and ability. A detailed description of each group is below. Tuition is for the school year (pro-rated for January admission)

TRAINING CHOIR (Grades 2 – 5)

Fun & Educational
Music Reading Skills
Perfomance Skills

The primary goal for our youngest NCCC singers is that they enjoy their experience of learning to sing. Through singing, activities, and learning together our Training Choir members will:

  • Experience singing in unison
  • Good vocal habits with correct breathing, tone placement, and good singing posture
  • Excellent rehearsal techniques of listening, sitting attentively, and focusing on the activity being taught
  • Basic music theory skills as they prepare for the next level in the NCCC program. This will include reading rhythm patterns, writing rhythm patterns, reading melodic lines, and learning about the expressive elements of music
  • Sing a varied repertoire of folk songs from around the world as well as sacred music, classical music, contemporary, and pop songs
  • Perform for audiences in NCCC concerts, at senior centers, and for each other

CONCERT CHOIR (Grades 5 – 8)

Vocal Training
Music Theory
Perfomance Skills

There is a week-end retreat in October as well as three half day workshops scheduled for November, January and March. The retreat and workshops will give the singers the opportunity to not only work on music reading skills but also to have time to relax and grow together as a group through games, activities and some friendly competition. A talent show is definitely in the plans for our week-end camp retreat.

Goals for the Concert Choir

  • Focus on vocal production, breathing, pure head tone for bel canto singing
  • Music theory training includes sight reading skills, rhythm performance, and musical terminology.  The singers will learn music reading skills primarily through the Kodaly system. Each singer will have a music theory book, “A Young Singer’s Journey” working their way through six levels of music theory
  • excellent rehearsal techniques, including being responsible for their own music folder and music theory book, caring for their music, listening attentively, sitting with the correct posture all with a positive attitude
  • Perform repertoire from a variety of styles such as art songs, contemporary music, folksongs, sacred music as well as songs performed in Italian and German.
  • excellent vocal training through exercises, singing of rounds and art songs. Each singer will focus on developing a free tone with proper phonation, correct breath control and pure resonance through the use of uniform vowels and proper projection
  • Gain the skills of being an excellent performer. Those skills include, walking on and off stage in a professional manner, having all music memorized, looking like an excellent performer with the proper choir attire, and keeping eyes on the director while performi
  • Become independent singers as they master the skills of singing in several parts in large and small groups increasing their skills to sing three and four part music
  • Enrich their lives as they learn, perform and begin to understand the art of performing excellent choral music
  • Represent the NCCC in performances with other community groups

BELLA VOCE (Grades 8 – 12)

Adult Vocal Training
Advanced Music Theory
Perfomance Skills

Growing with the NCCC through the 8th grade, many of our singers desire to keep on singing. The singers will:

  • Develop their beautiful children’s  voices  into the voices of  young women.
  • Focus on sight reading and music theory skills to prepare singers for college level participation in music
  • Challenge singers with 21st century styles of jazz, classical, and contemporary esoteric choral music as well as Broadway
  • Give back to the community with concerts for community organizations
Track 14 // Imagination
  1. Track 14 // Imagination
  2. Track9 // Imagination
  3. Track 6 // Imagination
  4. Hey Nonny No // Imagination
  5. Pure Imagination // Imagination