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26 April 2017

Music memorized by April,26

Dear Concert Choir,

I think you all are amazing. What a great rehearsal of focusing, working hard, and having some crazy fun moments as well.

Here is a practice schedule to be sure you have music memorized by next Tuesday:

Awake the Trumpet Lofty’s Sound

Wed. Sing through entire piece 5 times with recording and music

Thursday   Sing through entire piece 2 times with recording and music , 3 times with no music

Friday Sing through entire piece 4 times with recording and music

Saturday Sng through enitre piece 2 times with music and 3 times without music but with recording

Sunday and Monday – sing through 5 times each day with recording and no music

GOAL – know all the notes and words, memorized!


Kyrie from Misse Breve

Each day with recording and music 3 times a day

Sing through other pieces – 2 x a day


Music Down in my Soul

Jazz Man

Stars Tonight

Track 14 // Imagination
  1. Track 14 // Imagination
  2. Track9 // Imagination
  3. Track 6 // Imagination
  4. Hey Nonny No // Imagination
  5. Pure Imagination // Imagination